Another New Project

One of my favorite stores is  Dollar Tree.  I never seem to walk out of there without spending at least ten dollars.  I saw on a post in one of my groups on FB, this lady went to Dollar Tree and bought ALL of their pot holders.  She said these certain pot holders they only get in every once in a while.  Well needless to say, I had to check this out.  I saw the pot holders she was talking about and decided to buy a few and see what I could come up with.  Another monster craft started growing once I went onto Pinterest for pot holder ideas.  So here are the pot holders I’ve made so far.  I don’t know what these would sell for, so I will have to do research for price checks.  If you have any pricing ideas, please let me know.  Here is what I have so far. 

Each pot holder will come with a cookie, brownie, or another mix plus a spatula inside.

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